Shereen Ambrose

Shereen Ambrose

General Manager

Shereen is the General Manager of Daniele Décor. A long-term employee of the company, Shereen joined in 1989 as a personal assistant to the (then) Managing Director.

It didn’t take long for Shereen to grow a great interest in the interiors work and she soon began meeting with clients and coordinating their various interior needs.

With her friendly and charming attitude, and strong enthusiasm coupled with her ability and fast improving knowledge of the business, Shereen was soon promoted to a Project Manager. Her responsibilities increased with Shereen taking the lead in meeting the clients and proposing creative solutions to their interior requirements, working alongside subcontractors and carrying out the project management from start to finish.

Shereen’s hard work and tremendous dedication to her work didn’t go unnoticed. Consequently, Shereen was promoted to the position of General Manager of the company in 2009. Although Shereen assumed additional duties as the General Manager, her passion, loyalty and work ethics confirmed her ongoing commitment to the clients, colleagues and the company.

To date, Shereen continues to meet with the clients. Over the years
Shereen has built more friend like relationships with her clients, rather than traditional customer-client interactions. Her close connection with the clients, finishes to the highest standard, and delivery above expectations are some of the key attributes than can be associated with Shereen.