P. Mathai Joy

P. Mathai Joy

Group Finance, HR & Administration Manager

Mr. Joy is the Group Finance, HR & Administration Manager, associated with Daniele Décor and Atelier C.L. for over three decades. An important member of the management team, Mr. Joy is responsible for the financial health of the company and developing business strategies based on fiscal research. Mr. Joy supports the senior executives in making sound business decisions in the short and long term.

With 50+ years of experience, Mr. Joy is both effective and efficient in the smooth running of operations. His sound control of the companies’ financial situation and human resources contribute to the delivery of the companies’ overall commercial and artistic objectives.

Prior to joining Daniele Décor in 1988, Mr. Joy worked with a leading whole sale food stuff company in Bahrain as a Chief Cashier and Head of Administration Department since 1976. Previously, Mr. Joy worked for the Postal Department of the Government of India and the Rajasthan Atomic Power project from 1967 to 1975.

Mr. Joy holds a Diploma in Communications, and during his employment with Rajasthan Atomic Power project, obtained certified training in finance and accounting.

On his time off, Mr. Joy is engaged in the field of theology as a senior pastor for Assembly of God Church, Bahrain. He is also an active participant in various community charities.